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The Quark killer?
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Date:2010-09-26 00:28
Subject:Маркус Гард, типограф: Сеточная система вёрстки

Маркус Гард, типограф. Сеточная система вёрстки

Ходил на сайт (www.bachgarde.com) известного сеточника — Маркуса Гарда, а там нашёл интереснейшую статью по основам гармоничной вёрстки. Статья заточена под Индизайн. Очень порадовал экскурс в историю, куча примеров расчётов сеток. Есть ссылка на полезное приложение для полуавтоматического моделирования сеток в любой программе вёрстки, хотя конечно упор в ней опять же — на Индизайн. В общем, один юзер решил перевести её, оцените: http://totsamiyshigaev.livejournal.com/13606.html

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Date:2010-07-12 16:19
Subject:Running header and TOC help?

Hi everyone! I'm a former Quark user who, despite officially being a copy writer now, has somehow become my department's InDesign guru. I'm entirely self-taught on InDesign and don't know diddly about script writing. But I've been tasked with spiffing up our [giant hot mess of a] standard template, and I've hit a few snags. I'm hoping someone here can help.

DetailsCollapse )Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks very much!

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Date:2009-06-08 12:15
Subject:Free vector cliparts

 free vector clipart

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Date:2008-05-28 11:30
Subject:InDesign Blog

Keith Gilbert is a Minneapolis based Adobe certified expert, and I've taken a couple workshops with him (Indd and PSD) Now he has a blog up and it's pretty good. There's some basic stuff, but some "Omg!" material for more advanced users, too.

Any other Indd sites or blogs you like?

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Date:2008-05-28 08:16
Subject:Endnote FRUSTRATION

 I'm working on a U.S. Historical manuscript for an author who inserted reference numbers into the text that connected to endnotes. The numbering process was in Roman numerals. I worked through the editing process in MS WORD, but when I pulled the the manuscript into InDesign, it changed the numbering to Arabic. What can I do to fix this?

I'm still working on version InDesign CS, and probably should upgrade, but everything--hardware, software--is stable, and I cringe to mess with something that isn't broke, if you know what I mean.

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Date:2008-04-15 07:19
Subject:InBooklet SE replacement?
Mood: frustrated

Hi everyone, hoping you can help me? I've just moved from CS2 to CS3 and just realised that I don't have the InBooklet SE plug-in anymore as ALAP were bought out by Quark and now only have the "print booklet" option in the File menu.

Question is does anyone know of any software that gives the same functionality (i.e. create new document) as Inbooklet SE bar having to save as an INX file, open in CS2, check for errors, and then create booklet as that seems rather unneccessary and long winded for something that could be very quick. (I'm not fussed at the cost).



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Date:2008-02-07 13:36

We're hiring a new production artist, and I've been tasked with creating a skills assessment test. We're document heavy, so we need heavy INDD, but they'll need to be able to know their way around AI and PSD, too. Something that should take them about half an hour, and include importing images, edits to images, and building some quick style sheets. I'm considering building a document and having them recreate it from PDF, giving them type specs, but before I do: Anything like this available online anywhere? I'd really like to avoid rebuilding the wheel if possible...Thanks!

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Date:2008-02-05 14:16
Subject:color logos (eps) for BW print - is it ok?

InDesign cs2 - I have some great color logos in eps format that are going into pages that are bw. I went to edit the original file through Illustrator to perhaps convert it to grey scale but the font is not available.

Is it ok to simply leave the eps logo color? Or is there another setting I should be looking at...

Sorry I'm new to this. Srsly learning on the fly.

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Date:2008-02-04 14:22
Subject:master pages in a book -

 I'm new to InDesign (and this community - hola!) but have already had to produce things on the fly!

The idea of a book/booklet is new to me. I created one that was only 40 pages earlier, but I think I ended up creating a lot of work for myself.

I'm looking for recommendations for starting a book that will have the same layout on most pages, however I need the reverse for opposite pages - for example, the page on the right will have a graphic on the right, the page on the left will mirror that page - so the graphic will be on left of that page. Make sense?

Previously, I had copied and pasted a completed page (including text!) and edited the text on each page.

Seriously, this cannot be the correct way! I'm thinking some sort of a master page - do I need two? It would be great to be able to just input the layout once/twice for the bulk of the pages.

Of course the other sections of the book will be seperate documents, but I can just add those later.

This book will actually be for printing (my former InDesign task was just to create an electronic document, much less stressful!)

Any hints/tips would be awesome!

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Date:2008-01-30 09:49
Subject:glyphs pallete?!

I'm really frustrated here, but I feel like this is a simple problem with a simple solution that I'm just not seeing.

Does anyone have any idea why the glyphs pallete would be coming up with no info whatsoever no matter what font I choose (even those that I know have glyphs)? I'm running CS2 InDesign on an iBook.

I thought about updating, so I've been working on downloading the trial of CS3 but that seems like a ridiculous solution. There's got to be some reason for all this.

Thanks for any advice!

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Date:2007-09-20 00:10
Subject:Removing forced line breaks/returns

So, I've got about twenty pages of text, that are sewn with "forced line breaks" & after trying to remove them with a nested style within a paragraph style, they are still there, the "returns!#$*?>!!?"
Anybody out there have other ideas?, I might still be able to work this out with a nested style, & perhaps I'm not creating a character style correctly, but I don't want to waste further time with this option if it's not gonna work out via a nested style anyway.

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Date:2007-09-10 07:35

Long story short. I am a freelance designer. I took over a magazine layout where the old designer only used Quark. I have InDesign CS, can't open Quark docs in it. There isn't even a converter plug in for it. I downloaded the free trial of Quark, and did two months issues with it. Great. Thought I could upgrade InDesign to CS3 because you could open quark files with it. No problem. Did that Friday.

I made this post here about my troubles with getting InDesign to open Quark files. I found out today from tech support that InDesign CS3 will only open Quark v4 and lower files. Well I was working in Quark7.

There is a plugin called Q2ID that does open version 7 files. Does anyone have Q2ID? If so is there any way I can send you one Quark document, have you open in with IDCS3, save and send back to me?

I've already spent $200 bucks upgrading to CS3, I can't spend another $200 getting this stupid plugin that i am only going to use once.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Date:2007-09-08 09:34
Subject:InDesign CS3 Upgrade Issues

Hello all! I'm new to the community and I come with an issue of epic proportions!

Since Adobe Tech support is closed on the weekends, I come to you guys with a small (read: huge gonna get fired if its not fixed) problem.

Yesterday I purchased the CS3 upgrade from regular CS. I was told over the phone by the sales person at Adobe that CS3 includes Batch the Quark to InDesign converter. I got home, and made my purchase from the web, installed, upgraded, the whole nine.

Well when I try and open my Quark docs, its still asking for the plug in. Here is a shot of the error. I assure you that the file is not open in another program. I called adobe this morning and it was confirmed yet again that the Batch plugin IS included with this version of CS3.

My quark trial ran out yesterday, and it was cheaper to upgrade ID than buy a full version of Quark. My deadline is looming and I'm a lil stressed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Date:2007-09-04 20:01
Subject:Moving/Copying Style Definitions...
Mood: busy

InDesign CS3 on Windows...

I set up a template for my monthly newsletter, based on a typical issue. Later, I made some changes and additions to my character, paragraph and table styles, but I did it in the document, which, of course, did not affect the template.

Is there any way of copying style definitions from one document to another, or from a document to a template (like the Style Organiser in MS Word), or even to a library (I keep the standard graphics, disclaimers etc in a library file for easy access)?

Thanks in advance

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Date:2007-08-08 12:02
Subject:small box pkg pattern

I'm making a packaging design on a small box typical of what a dozen pencils might be packaged in, or chiclets gum (it would be great if I could get the package to whistle like that). Can somebody direct me to a web site containing patterns for constructing such a package?

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Date:2007-04-27 00:25
Subject:Page numbering problems
Mood: confused

This is probably a question that is going to make you all laugh at me, but I'm try to make a 5 x 8 book to be printed here, and while I think I have the whole autoflow text thing figured out, I am stumped by the the simplest thing. I think I managed to figure out how to get the page to be a 5 x 8 instead of the usual letter size, but I cannot figure out page numbering. I read the entire help section, and I still have no clue how to number the whole thing. I got the first page numbered, but do I really have to paste the text box to every single page? Please help!

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Date:2007-04-10 16:49
Subject:InDesign exporting PDF

I'm trying to export a PDF from InDesign. When I do, the fonts get completely messed up, specifically the letter-spacing goes haywire.

I tried printing a pdf, but the quality was too low. I tried printing a postscript file and distilling it, but I got errors with that method.

Any advice? Thanks!

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Date:2007-03-28 11:39
Subject:Help setting up a document

Hi, newbie to the community and in general printing. I’m not a print designer but I’m required to put the books together for the product I work on, so a lot of times I seem to be winging it. I have a web-design/tech background, so I'm not tech illiterate, just never had print experience and/or someone to show me what to do. I hope I’m able to even describe what it is I want to do. I’ve been asking around and all the answers I’ve been getting so far don’t seem to make sense, so I figured I would reach out to the LJ community.

I have no problem setting up indesign documents when it’s for an 8.5 x 11 book, but now I’m trying to set up a book at 8.5 x 5.5. I saw that ID has a half-letter option, but I’m trying to set it up so that I only have one cut and no wasted paper, rather than 4 cuts and still designing as if it’s an 8.5 x 11. My original thought was to design the book and have the same page repeated top and bottom and then cut it, but it was pointed out that if the cuts are off, it will look funny, and that I’m better off designing it in spreads, and this way they are just slicing the spread in half.

Ok, fine that makes sense but then I seem to run into two problems. 1. I end up with a blank page behind one of my pages which won’t work or 2. My spreads can’t be continuous and each page has to be designed as its own page, rather than a page where items can exist on both and are cut through? Is that correct? I’m imagining what I want to do is like creating a saddle stitch book (I believe that’s the type)? Something created on one long ream and then folded in half. So, is my problem that I want my pages for example, to have one line that goes from the left page all the way through to the right rather then the left and right being created individually?

Sorry if this is long and confusing. Any help in regards to how this should be done would be greatly appreciated.

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