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Running header and TOC help?

Hi everyone! I'm a former Quark user who, despite officially being a copy writer now, has somehow become my department's InDesign guru. I'm entirely self-taught on InDesign and don't know diddly about script writing. But I've been tasked with spiffing up our [giant hot mess of a] standard template, and I've hit a few snags. I'm hoping someone here can help.

For the record, we're running CS3 on Windows XP.

1) Running header/text variable issue

Our books have a running header on each verso of the main text and backmatter. For the main text, it contains the variables <chapter number>: <chapter name>, and for the backmatter it's just <chapter name>. However, in the actual chapter header, the chapter name comes above the chapter number.

When a text chapter ends on a recto, everything's fine. When it ends on a verso, however, the variables pull the correct chapter number but pull the chapter name from the following recto. (So, say "Chapter 1: The First Chapter" begins on p. 3 and ends on p. 10. The running header on p. 10 will read "Chapter 1: The Second Chapter.")

I thought this was because of the order of the chapter header and the variable interpreting "first on page" as "first on spread." BUT in the backmatter, the variable pulls the correct text whether the chapter ends verso or recto! And yes, it's the same variable and the same paragraph style it's pulling from.

Any ideas why this might be happening? Any suggestions for fixing it?

2) Table of Contents

A related problem happens with the TOC. On the page, chapter headers appear as

Chapter Name
Chapter #

But in the TOC, they're supposed to go in the opposite order:

The First Chapter.........X

The Second Chapter........X

and so forth. Of course, the TOC is picking up the data in the order it appears on the page, so I'm getting this:

The First Chapter.........X

The Second Chapter........X


and so forth. The designers, of course, can just correct it all by hand, but...yeah, let's not do that to them, nor to the poor proofreaders. Is there a solution to this besides "change the chapter header order"?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks very much!
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